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We respect the rich heritage that our Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Muslim ancestors have handed down over the centuries. We anguish with traditional peoples everywhere whose ways of life are disappearing in the modern world. We struggle with them to preserve their own ways when they are threatened, such as in Tibet or here in North America. Our teachers are from many paths and many traditions.

And following in the contemporary traditions of service and compassion as exemplified by Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, Neem Karoli Baba, Swami Nityananda and others, the activities at the Trinity Church are flexibly designed to serve the ongoing needs of the local and international community.
One God – Many Forms
One River – Many Streams
One People – Many Faces
One Mother – Many Children

Ma, an internationally respected spiritual teacher, presided over the opening night celebrations as the center was re-consecrated to the service for which it was originally intended – Service to God and to all sentient beings.

Present programs include annual events like “The Arlo Guthrie Garbage Trail Walk to Massacree Huntington’s Disease”. Each year,we host the “Thanksgiving Dinner That Can’t Be Beat” on Thanksgiving Day open to the community, and as often as possible a Thanksgiving Dinner for families, friends, doctors and scientists who live and work with Huntington’s Disease. Free weekly community lunches are also provided. Whenever Arlo’s schedule permits, we are home to “Revivals” when Arlo Guthrie performs in concert to revive the financial health of the Church and the Center.

Past programs such as art, music and dance for institutionalized children recovering from abuse; a lecture series on diversified subjects; and art exhibits from world-renowned artists like Charles Collins from Taos, NM, provide a rich history of community service.

The Troubadour Series at the Trinity Church began late spring 2000 furthers our commitment to keep the local and global traditions of folk and acoustic music alive and well. Be sure to check the summer schedule if you are in the area. Many friends have agreed to perform at the church even though they would not normally perform at such a small and intimate venue. New faces can be seen as well.

Keeping with the philosophy of Woody and Marjorie Guthrie, for whom these organizations are named, The Guthrie Center provides a place where we work with the issues of our times – injecting ourselves into the bloodstream of humanity’s best efforts toward a better world.

“Everybody might be just one big soul
Well, it looks that way to me.
So wherever you look in the day or night
That’s where I’m a gonna be, Ma

Wherever kids are hungry and crying
Wherever they ain’t free
Wherever folks are fighting for their rights
That’s where I’m a gonna be, Ma
That’s where I’m a gonna be”

From “Tom Joad” by Woody Guthrie

Our primary interest is in developing a deeper understanding of the world and its peoples – through the music, which gives our unique qualities a voice. The Guthrie Center relies primarily on individual donations. Contributions go towards the overhead expenses of the services and programs offered. You can support these projects by making a tax-deductible contribution, becoming a member and/or volunteering your services.

VISITORS are welcome. For more information on The Guthrie Center, or how you can help support the programs, please call (413) 528-1955.

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